Behold the Savior of the World
The Little Jesus
O. Jesus, like You I wish to be sweet and humble of heart.
Happy the soul who loves me.
Bouasse Lebel 999
Jesus Loves the Innocent
Jesus, our refuge.
I watch over their weakness.
I bring them out of the darkness of ignorance
into the light of faith.
Come, eat the bread that I have prepared for you. 
Proverbs Ch. 5

Look at the little birds of heaven they neither sow nor reap.

The pure simplicity of the soul is my joy and delight.  
Bouasse Lebel 826
O Jesus, humble and meek, make us
charitable and gentle like Thee.

Here is the Lord who calls to you. 
Return to him, you who have forgotten his voice.
Bouasse Lebel 460
They are hungry.
Bouasse Lebel Pl. 1473

The birdsnatcher has taken advantage of your inexperience, 
but I am the Poor Dove and I will rescue you.
Bouasse-Lebel 1177
Like little birds, let us hasten to Jesus; 
He will give us the Bread of Angels.
THE HAPPINESS OF JESUS I am your food.  
Bouasse Lebel 6017
I belong to Jesus.
L. Turgis, Paris Pl. 1000

Ask, ask, and ask again. Jesus loves to give.
Bouasse Lebel , Paril Pl. 1483

Bring your gifts to the Lord.
L. Turgis, Paris Pl. 1005
Joys of Perseverance
Jesus feeds them with his hand
and of his virtues he perfumes them.
Bouasse Lebel 1492 

I will draw all to myself by my divine simplicity.
Bouasse Lebel 400
LITTLE FRIENDS OF JESUS - Drink and eat the nourishment of angels Bouasse Lebel
Little timid bird, fly to your master and take shelter in His Heart.
Bouasse-Lebel 1359

If I possessed the sweetness and the gentleness of the dove, 
surely I would give more happiness to your heart.
My God, receive me into your Adorable Heart.
Bouasse Lebel
OH JESUS INSPIRE ME! The modest virtues of St. Joseph Bouasse Lebel 3449
Gloria in excelsis Deo!

It is pleasing to Jesus to be among the lilies.
L. Painleve, Paris  E. Godeau, edit.
Speak, Lord, your servant listens.
Happy are those who come to Jesus.
Bouasse Lebel Pl. 110

Jesus, hear us.  Jesus, answer us.

The Hospitable Rooftop
It is the hungry that I satisfy.
Bouasse Lebel, Paris
Pl 1090
It is good is to be with Jesus.
Divine Child
You lived by the work of your hands.
A. Jourdain, Paris
Frehling, 18th. cent. engraving

For You, my God, all for You.
Bouasse Lebel, Paris Pl. 788
Bouasse Jeune
Christ Child with Doves
Victorian paper scrap
May the peace and joy  of the Divine Child Jesus abide in your heart.
Jesus meek and humble of heart
Make our heart like unto your own.